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The tubeless tyre sealant offers a perfect solution for those running a tubeless setup.  Our unique formula comes ammonia and toxic free – optimised for use in road and mountain bike tyres running inner tubes or tubeless.

Our formula with added DuPont® Kevlar® is recommended where wide tyres running low pressures are the norm.  Our extra Kevlar® formula enables gashes up to 5mm to seal instantly, whilst working safely between -20° to +80°.  This broad range allows the use of CO² cartridges without freezing or congealing, whilst also guaranteed to have no adverse chemical reaction with alloy or composite rims, tubes or tyres.

Our 150ml bottle comes with a built in one-piece applicator delivery system.  The innovative no-mess nozzle system works perfectly with Presta valves and comes with the required valve removal tool built-into the base.  The 150ml applicator bottle can be refilled using the 1 litre bulk bottle.

  • Clear measuring window
  • Mess free applicator lid
  • Non-Toxic
  • DuPont® Kevlar®
  • Seals punctures up to 5mm