Panzer Rim Protection
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Panzer Rim Protection
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Panzer means run-flat, in-tyre rim protection and offers real benefits that will appeal to any tubeless rider.

‘Protect Wheel Rims from dings – while riding with low pressure or a flat’
‘The lightest and most balanced anti-puncture on the market’

•    An In-Tyre Foam Rim Protection
•    Protect Rims from Puncture Damage
•    Diamond Shape Uses 5 Point Support System
          Reinforces and supports only in critical areas prone to punctures and blows
          Does not interfere with correct reaction of the tyre
•    Run Flat Keeps You Moving
•    Designed to Work with Tubeless
•    Lightweight – 100G. per Wheel
•    Low Liquid Absorption
•    Great Memory Capacity
•    Free Circulation of Air and Liquid
•    DH, Enduro, XC – Race or Everyday Use


After hundreds of tests with high density foam compositions, GEN10 was chosen by our team of engineers and riders.

Minimal liquid absorption, great memory capacity and the lightness of GEN10 foam make PANZER the lightest and most balanced anti-puncture on the market.


The diamond shape 5 POINT SUPPORT SYSTEM only acts as reinforcement in critical areas prone to impact pinch-punctures. It maintains free circulation of air and sealing fluid without interfering with the normal behaviour of the tyre.